The undertakings below describe our practices when collecting personal data via our website and during its subsequent use. Please take a moment to read through this document. It explains what we are doing to protect your data.

As a reminder, personal data is any piece of data which allows individual identification (name, address or other personal details).
By using our website, you consent to our practices as concerns the protection of your personal data.

The collection of data

Each online form or service offered by Convento do Beato restricts the collection of personal data to that which is strictly necessary (minimisation of data) and shall indicate:

  • The objectives for which the data is collected (purposes);
  • Whether this data is mandatory or optional for the processing of your request;
  • Who will have access to it (only Convento do Beato in principle, unless otherwise specified on the form when the processing of your request requires that it must be passed on to a third party);
  • Your Data Protection rights and how you may contact Atrya to exercise these.

The personal data gathered as part of the services offered on is processed in line with secure protocols and enables Convento do Beato to manage the requests received in its computer applications.

How to exercise your rights

For any information or to exercise your Data Protection rights concerning the personal data managed by Convento do Beato, you can contact Convento do Beato:

  • by e-mail:
  • or by a signed letter accompanied by a copy of an identity document sent to the following address: Convento Do Beato – GDPR Service Alameda do Beato, 1950-042 Lisboa, Portugal